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With boostr you can choose from our CRM and OMS products or follow the industry leaders who use the power of both together - the only end-to-end platform built specifically for the media industry.

boostr CRM

It’s time to unlock the power
of your sales team

With the boostr CRM, teams completely shift their focus to selling because the tool does the heavy lifting, giving every player what they need to keep winning.

Save Time

Pipeline and email integration designed to be simple so sellers aren’t wasting time lost in their CRM.

improve forecast accuracy

Real time forecast visibility across all channels (IO, PG, PD, PMP) and all ad products eliminating numerous, inconsistent spreadsheets.

grow sales

Publishers churn over 40% of their clients annually, know who they are to retain revenue and make
the number.

boostr OMS

Managing your Revenue doesn’t need to feel like you are applying quantum theory.

Streamline, automate and solve the problems that exist in the planning, campaign management & delivery process for ad sales teams.

Sales teams manage products in CRM and Ad Ops manages products across multiple delivery channel tech stacks (ad server, social, etc)


Multiple versions of product setups across separate systems results in inaccuracies causing poor revenue visibility, sales & ops product definitions not consistent

Boostr Solution:
Flexible Inventory + Single Product Architecture

  • Multi-level inventory + product structure
  • Control who can sell which products
  • Package same inventory into multiple products
  • Create packages of products
  • Inventory + Products all in single system

Rate cards are stored in spreadsheets, not presented to planners in context and are cumbersome to update and manage.


Lost revenue due to incorrect rates sent to customers; pricing models are not dynamic and strategically updated due to admin overhead.

Boostr Solution:
Dynamic Rate Card Support

  • Multiple rate card structure - geos, agencies, etc
  • Rate card multi-currency support
  • Rate goals and rate floors
  • Custom and configurable rate types
  • Multiple rate card association to single proposal

Ad campaigns are complex and need to be trafficked to multiple ad servers including social platforms


Ad Ops teams have to swivel chair across multiple ad servers, re-keying information across systems causing errors, underdelivery and launch delays.

Boostr Solution:
Multi-ad server solution

  • Multiple ad server support framework
  • Manage default ad server impression buffers to get campaigns to deliver in full
  • Auto creation of multiple traffic orders per ad server for one campaign
  • Sync product catalog to ad servers

Ad Ops swivel chairs between disparate systems/email/spreadsheets/ad servers to manually set up campaigns


Campaign set up across multiple platforms takes a long time, lost revenue and customer sat issues due to lack of consistent campaign setup and knowledge

Boostr Solution:
Integrated Trafficking Sheet

  • Traffic templates eliminate IO errors to protect revenue (1 = 10 example)
  • Single IO auto converted to ad server specific IOs - GAM, Freewheel, Social, etc
  • Trafficking Sheet auto-translated from media plan eliminates ops data entry
  • Pushing ad unit and ad targeting to GAM eliminates dual data entry

Once campaigns goes live, ad ops manually pulls and consolidates delivery reporting from delivery systems typically only monthly


Ops wastes time pulling and consolidating delivery reports for pacing visibility, Ops wastes time and introduces errors compiling month end delivery and variance reporting

Boostr Solution:
Automated Delivery Reporting

  • Traffic templates eliminate IO errors to protect revenue (1 = 10 example)
  • Single IO auto converted to ad server specific IOs - GAM, Freewheel, Social, etc

Campaign specific costs are often tracked in spreadsheets that get out of synch


Potential for lower profits due to no margin controls on media plans, difficult to see campaign profitability and forecast costs in pre-sales, limited visibility on which customers and products drive most or lowest margins

boostr Solution:
Pre- and Post-sale Cost Tracking

  • Margin estimates on product catalog provide pre-sale margin & cost visibility
  • Margin approvals on media plans at plan or product level improve profitability
  • IO cost estimates & actualization per line item improves insights
  • Gross and net forecasting automates profitability insights

Finance waits for ad ops to consolidate all 1st and 3rd party data, and then manually reconcile the data to determine final billable numbers.


Ad Ops wastes time reconciling delivery data, custom invoicing schedules and billing amount errors results in delayed payment, month end close and billing takes too long

Booster Solution:
Automated, Flexible Billing

  • Separate billing schedule from revenue schedule to generate clean invoices
  • Automatically reconcile 1st & 3rd party data to reduce invoice errors
  • Prepare billable numbers in boostr and direct push into billing system saving time and reducing invoice errors

Spreadsheets are being used for media planning


Lost revenue and lower margins due to lack of systematic approval controls, too many agency templates force excel media plans, limited visibility to which plans win, planners waste time rekeying plans.

Boostr Solution:
Next Gen Media Plan Builder

  • Apply approval rules to media plans to protect revenue and margins
  • Product packaging on the fly
  • Save planners time with Bulk Editing, Deleting and Duplication
  • Store multiple media plan tiers to a single campaign for insights to what sells
  • Auto calculate media math to reduce errors

Synchronize Salesforce opportunity, opportunity products, opportunity team, account and contact data to the boostr OMS automatically.

Time Savings

Streamline, automate and solve the problems that exist in the planning, campaign management & delivery process for ad sales teams.

Data Accuracy

boostr and Salesforce are in synch sharing IDs for Opportunities, Products,
IOs, Accounts and Contacts improving cross-platform analytics without time consuming reconciliation.

Product Catalog Management
Rate Card Management
Ad Server Management
Trafficking Automation
Delivery & Reconciliation
Cost Tracking
Media Planning
Salesforce  Integration

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